Private label nut butter


This is our private label project

Why private label?
Why sell someone else’s product when you can sell your own?

Brand loyalty:
Private branding allows you to create your own unique image, which creates a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

Custom tailored:
The packaging and labels can be tailored to meet your specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information.

Private labelling allows more control over things like pricing, marketing, sales and distribution. You get to make the rules.
Lower price = Higher margin.
Because you are paying less for a private label vs. a national brand, your margins are higher.

Customers will not go into a popular megastore or on the internet and find your private brand product at a lower price.
Own production lines:

We are not a trader or agent reselling other companies’ services making a profit on your orders. A distinctive market advantage is that when doing business with the manufacturer itself.

Minmal order quantity (MOQ)?
There is no minimal order quantity. This is a really easy and risk free way of starting out your line.

Need custom artwork for your private labels?
On-site art department that can design custom labels around your brand. This includes taking your ideas, logo and any art work you may have and building it into a label.

Our products has been examined by TÜV Nord Bulgaria – the leading institution on the certification and research services market in Bulgaria. The company is a part of global TÜV Nord Group, a leading global supplier of services for the industrial sector. TÜV Nord Group’s mission and main rule is constantly striving to improve safety and quality in order to answer the challenges arising from the interactions taking place between man, technology and environment.

Follow these steps:
1. Choose which flavors you want and how many of each.
2. Send us your design.
3. Place an order

It’s that easy!

Contact us and get started today!

+359 899 11 57 54

private label nut butter

– peanut butter
– crunchy peanut butter
– almond butter
– crunchy almond butter
– cashew butter
– hazelnut butter
– sesame tahini (sesame seed butter)
– sunflower seed butter
– pumpkin seed butter
– hemp seed butter
– pistachio butter (pistachio paste)
– walnut butter
– coconut oil
– coconut paste (creamed coconut)
– hazelnut – cocoa spread

– cocoa butter

private label peanut butter

private label peanut butter

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